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Looking for a Cost Effective
Point of Sale System?
7 Reasons why you should choose Point of Sale Australia for your new Point of Sale System...

We Listen to You
We sit down with you and learn about your requirements and together we set up your system.

Everything Works Well Together
Because all of your Point Of Sale Hardware, Software, Services and Consumables are from the one helpful company.

You Benefit from our Experience with POS
Our qualified and experienced team can help you with any technical issues in your business including networks, internet access, computers, pos terminals, pos peripherals and inter-store communications.

Protection is Included
Your data and hardware protection is so important that we include it in project costing. Sadly, others leave it out to appear cheaper.

Free Support
After your system goes live, you receive 30 days free phone and remote support

You Don't Have to Manage on Your Own
With our after installation support program you can call us directly and speak to people you know and trust.

Once Your Project Commences
We are committed to completing your POS system installation to your total satisfaction no matter what problems are encountered along the way.

To experience service rarely seen from a POS company in Australia click here to get started now

Hospitality POS Systems

Looking for a fast, reliable POS System for Hospitality? Whether it's a Cafe, Restaurant, Bar, Takeaway or Mobile Food Service, we've got the ideal solution for you.
Here's 7 reasons why you should choose a Swift Touch Point of Sale System from POS Australia... more...

Retail POS Systems
From Fashion and Shoes, to Gifts, Hardware, Furniture, Bicycles, Fishing and Camping and probably anything else you can think of, we've probably done it in the last 19 years and there's a system waiting here just for you!...

Convenience POS Systems
Isn't it ironic that many Convenience Store POS systems are inconvenient for you, the business owner, not to mention your staff?
One of our very first POS Systems in the early 90's was for Convenience stores and after many years of refining and enhancements to keep ahead of technology,
your Convenience Store Point of Sale System from Point of Sale Australia will now be one of the best investments you'll make into your business - more here...

Fuel Retail POS Systems
Our information page on Point of Sale Systems for Fuel Retail is coming soon!
Call us now on 1300 793 553 for more info on POS Systems for Service Stations.

Discover how to make your
retail systems simpler
& make your business more
profitable now...

Your POS System should never be considered as an expense on your business. It is an Investment that can pay for itself in less than 2 years and then keep returning a future income. Extensive market research by Profitline has shown that converting from a Register or Paper based system can improve your turnover by up to 10% for no extra effort.

For example if your business has an annual turnover of $300,000 an extra 10% would be another $30,000 in your till. With a Systems from Point of Sale Australia you would know what your annual average margin was. If it was 35% you would multiply the extra turnover by your margin to give you an extra $10,500 profit. This extra profit will fund your POS System purchase in less than 2 years and then continue to bring in this income.

So you can now see that your POS system should never be considered as an expense when it is actually a profitable investment.

History shows you will spend much more on Inventory purchases than on your POS system. Once you have your system operational we will show you how to measure your Return On Inventory Investment and then how to double this in less than a year without any extra expense.

Now you recognise that your Inventory purchase is also an Investment what about your Investment in Staff? Using a smart POS system from P.O.S. Australia, the Staff ROI can also be measured, then we will show you how to adjust and improve this.

There is an old business expression that has proven it self to be true

You can not manage it until you can measure it.

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